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Join our tailor-made half-day seminars, exclusively for board members of pension funds and SME board members. Expand your ESG knowledge and gain comprehensive insights into current ESG trends and practices.

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Upon successful completion of the seminar, you will receive the status of 'Certified Sustainability Expert'. Pension funds and SMEs get additional the opportunity to obtain the label 'Certified Sustainability Board' for communication purposes, such as for their website or ESG report.

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With your web login, you have exclusive access to our compact, annually updated ESG topic videos. Presented by leading experts, these videos keep you informed about current ESG trends.


Are you a foundation board member of a pension fund or a board member of an SME? 

The ESG landscape is constantly evolving, and the challenges in the fields of environment, social responsibility, and corporate governance are complex. Our practical half-day seminars at various locations in Switzerland offer you the opportunity to deepen your ESG knowledge.
Take the chance to invest in your ESG expertise and proactively engage with the future requirements in the area of sustainability.


Risk Management & Reporting for Pension Funds

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is a significant mega trend that affects companies worldwide. In this half-day intensive seminar, as a foundation board member of a Swiss pension fund, you will be thoroughly introduced to the fundamental ESG concepts to better understand their significance for investment strategy, risk management and reporting.

The seminar has been specifically designed for foundation board members of Swiss pension funds and takes into account current developments such as the ASIP recommendations for the ESG reporting standard, the Swiss Climate Scores, and relevant EU regulations.


ESG Risk Management &
Reporting for Pension Funds

Foundation Board
In Focus


14. Nov.

Zollstrasse 17

22. Nov.

FH Ost
Rosenbergstr. 59
St. Gallen

PF Seminar FAQs

Seminar Overview - Executive Board in Focus

ESG Risk Management & Compliance for SMEs

In the age of sustainability, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) requirements are crucial for companies worldwide. From 2023, many EU companies will be obligated to inform their stakeholders about ESG activities. Swiss SMEs might also be affected, especially if they maintain business relations with EU companies or are part of the European supply chain.

Our experts have developed a practical half-day seminar to assist you as a board member of a Swiss SME in addressing these challenges.

Partner & Media Partner

ESG Risk Management &
Compliance for SMEs

Executive Board
In Focus


8. Nov.

Zollstrasse 17

16. Nov.

FH Ost
Rosenbergstr. 59
St. Gallen

SME Seminar FAQs

Certified Boards

The 'Certified Sustainability Board' label requires a certified 'Certified Sustainability Expert' on the foundations board of directors. It is an exclusive ESG credential that may be used for communication purposes (e.g. website or ESG report) and signals sound engagement with sustainability issues to your stakeholders.

In order to maintain the 'Certified Sustainability Board' label, it is required that the seminar graduate attends the e-training annually (the expert video modules are recorded & provided) to keep up to date with the latest developments in ESG and reporting.

Publication - Pension funds as well as SMEs with the 'Certified Sustainability Board' label are continuously published on boards4esg.ch. The label is awarded according to the principle of the order of registration for the seminar ("in order of signing").

Certified Boards

"A storm is brewing over Europe. It will hit Switzerland by 2024 at the latest, with the implementation of Swiss sustainability regulations for larger companies."

SKV - swiss SME Association

"ESG Reporting Standard: Industry solution for transparent ESG implementation."

ASIP - Swiss pension fund Association


Our e-Training is an extension of our seminars, providing you with exclusive access to annually updated ESG theme videos through a web login. Experts present current developments and trends to keep your knowledge on ESG and CSR up-to-date. 

The courses are available at all times and can be flexibly integrated into your schedule. 

For holders of the 'Certified Sustainability Board', annual participation is required to maintain the certification.

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Welcome to Boards4ESG, where vision meets reality!

We are a dynamic group of professionals, united by the shared goal of bringing ESG knowledge to the heart of Swiss pension funds and SMEs.

Our expertise in ESG and CSR, topped with a genuine passion for sustainability, brought Boards4ESG to life. In a world where conscientiousness is becoming the norm, our mission is clear: We equip you with the tools you need to not only create positive environmental and societal changes but also to strengthen the image and future of your organization.

With Boards4ESG by your side, you're ready to dive into the ever-changing landscape of sustainability.


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Welcome to Boards4ESG
Half-day seminars for pension fund board members & SME board members.

Upcoming dates:

SME - 8th November 2023
FFHS, Zollstrasse 17, Zurich, 10am-4pm, DE

PF - 14th November 2023

FFHS, Zollstrasse 17, Zurich 10am-4pm, DE